Being a studious student, I am not very much in to gambling and stuff but my roommate was very much involved in this industry. One day we planned a party in our room and invited my entire friend there, after drinking and having dinner he and his friends were playing online casino games in his laptop and smartphones. I also sat with him and checking about what they were playing. It was all looking very interesting and attractive to me so I also tried it on my laptop. First I needed to know more about it so I checked online the best slot machines and the reviews and rating to different forums.

The first game I tried was the fruit slots. The reason to choose this one was the people like it more, so that’s why I chose this one. It’s really fascinating seeing the slots sliding towards to make you win. That’s why I prefer playing cocktail slots and the best thing about them is that you don’t have to use your mind too much and just go with it and enjoy the fruit bomb. And when it blast it gives you bonus.

Before getting in to the mania of these fruits diamonds, I have already tried some other online pokie machines but nothing really tempted me as much these magical spelen has done. After playing them for some years I thought of exploring them more and discover new theme with the same. So I got some dragon, spa, and kings, ancient, periodic and other 777 pokies. After getting little savvy with them I thought of switching from the free spins to the real money play and to play with the real money I used my PayPal accounts to buy credits, as while playing with the credits there are better chances of winning more.