Last month a friend of mine was supposed to visit me at home. He was coming for the first time in Australia. I had taken leave for the day and was waiting for him. I was watching TV with my children. I switched to a news channel; there was news about terrorist attacks in Iraq.

As it was very common terrorists were performing various atrocities in different part of world. There are bombings and explosion everyday. People are being killed and death toll is too much. These groups are hiring professional fighters and casualties are more than ever before. I had seen a documentary, which showed them committing genocide and holding hostages. They have huge funding and nobody knows what the solution of problem is.

I changed the channel and the children started watching cartoon. After some time Peter arrived. We started talking about the business he was here for. Then we started discussing about various other things; then he showed me his business plan on his laptop. When he finished that I saw a link of online slot machine on his desktop. I asked him about that then he told that it was his favorite pokie ISIS. I asked me if I can try. He said why not. So I started playing it and it was really a hell of a pokie. It is like a rollercoaster. Some winning are very small and some are huge. So you need to be of strong heart to play this. It offers a 30 free spin bonus round with 6X multiplier. Wouldn’t that be amazing guys? For this you will need three scatter symbols minimum on the reel which is purple birds. It is a five reel, 25 payline slot game and jackpot is huge of 10000 coins which van be get if you get five ISIS logos on reel.

So if you are looking for a slot machine which will turn your heartbeat in moments then ISIS is the pokie for you. You can get real lucky.