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Spanish Blackjack: How to Play

Spanish Blackjack is also known as Spanish 21. This popular version of Blackjack offers a 50:1 payout without additional side bets.This fun variation of Blackjack allows you to win massive payouts on hands that total 21. It includes options such as Hitting or Doubling after splitting Aces, plus a unique opportunity called “Double-Down rescue.”

Spanish Blackjack Rules

Spanish Blackjack has one distinctive characteristic: it is played with a Spanish deck. This is a 52-card deck that includes all 10-value cards (10’s, Jacks (Queens), Kings) and is standard in size. You’re playing with 48 cards and not 52.

  • Online casinos can reduce the chance of drawing a natural blackjack by removing these cards (10’s and face cards) from the deck.
  • Spanish 21 has some unique rules that make it appealing to players. For example, if players create a 21-point hand with between 5 and 7 cards, their bet will pay 50:1.
  • Making a 21-hand with multiple cards is more accessible when no 10-value cards are used. Busts occur less frequently.
  • Spanish 21 is recreated with 6-8 cards, but it can vary depending on where you are playing. It is important to note that the edge increases as the decks are reduced.
  • Spanish 21 allows players to split and re-split their hands even after splitting Aces. After splitting Aces, it is possible to hit/double-down. Doubling down is not limited to specific hand values.
  • You can also choose to Surrender Lately even after Doubling Down. The maximum stake will be refunded if the player surrenders after Doubling-Down.
  • However, it is paramount to note that the dealer must Hit on a soft 17 in this game. This action is important because it effectively increases the house’s advantage by 0.2%.

Higher payouts

  • The players can win all 21 ties, but it is up to them to decide which 21 hands they win.
  • If you have a 21-point hand using five cards, your return will be 3:2 – similar to natural blackjacks. A hand with six cards will pay at 2:1, while 21 indicators created using seven cards or more will be paid at 3:1.
  • You can find specific combinations of cards that offer similar payouts. I will pay 3:2 if you make a hand with 21 value using 6-7, 8, or 3 7s from mixed suits. This payout is 2:1 if you make this hand using cards from the same case. If it’s constructed with Spades, your payout will be 3:1
  • A right hand with triple 7’s and the dealer’s up card are both 7’s will return your wager at a staggering 50:1.
  • Spanish 21 is an original and entertaining version of Blackjack with exceptional payouts and rules. Spanish Blackjack is different from other blackjack versions because it does not require you to place a different side bet to get high payouts. Instead, these payouts can be included in your regular blackjack stake.
  • Spanish Blackjack offers a different version of Blackjack, with attractive payouts and favorable winning odds. This and many other variations are available to learn more.