When it comes to friendship and loyalty, there is only person that came in to my mind that is my very best friend his name is Barney, he have always been there for me. actually I met him on this mall when I was out there alone to see the transporter movie, after watching the movie I was going to play the laser tag game and he got me there and asked me if he could join me, so I permit him and we began to talk, since I was little sad that day so I told him everything that was going in my life because he seemed like a good guy from the beginning and he also invited me to his home the next day to talk about some work and have some fun as well.

When I went to his condo, my eyes got wide open because he had this amazing condo right in the middle of the city, I greeted him and asked the very question that what do you do? He told me to have some patience and proceed with the drinks, so I did the same and opened the champagne I brought with me, we had it with some snack and then he told that he used to work in a casino of Vegas and one day he tried to test his luck on the slot machine and today here he is living lavishly in a big apartment right in the middle of the city.

So later I also insisted him to tell me more about these online casinos. And he snapped out his phone from his pocket and filled me with the info about it, right then he was playing this pokie called the hot shot and made me play it as well, actually I also like the game pretty much and told him to install the same in my mobile too. I read some reviews of the game and then tried some other as well on my own. It was really nice playing the pokies with such a wonderful friend of mine.