I was there when I saw the twin tower turning into dust in front of me on television. That time I was in college with my friends. We were all shocked at that moment what had happened. Everyone could not move from his place after the news. Then I decided to do something about it. I still remember that day when I had my eyes filled with tears and I could not have done anything about it.

I went to the navy seals for the sake of country and got myself into army as a sniper. I was good at shooting from the very beginning and when in the search of Osama bin laden we went to Iraq and the war begins where I had to proof myself worth for the country. Being a good shooter I saved so many lives of our soldiers and killed almost 170 terrorist in the whole war and when the war ended I came back home but I was not normal. I could not have sleep in nights and there were nightmares that had wake me in the middle of night the pale faces of people I had killed in the war. I went to a psychiatrist but that does not seem to be a good idea. The war was all over my head at that time and my neighbor one day took to me to his home and showed this really amazing game that was named Jurassic jackpot which was a three reels slot game with ultimate graphics of dinosaurs and creatures that could have make anyone furious. Forgot all my problems that day playing that game and had too much fun.

I still remember that day from when I started that pokey more often and all my problems went away.